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Saturday, January 7, 2012, 1:41 AM
7th January 2012

Spend the whole day doing nothing on Friday.Just play tetris battle whole day and refreshing the facebook to see friend's update.So,today my elder sister suggested to shop for CNY clothes at Mid Valley.Why am I not born as a girl because if I am,I am sure that I am darn happy and excited.Boys usually don't shops with mother or sister or worst to come,both.

For me,I usually walk around myself with my younger sister because you know,my mom and elder sister do not wear like us de teenagers.I rather walk myself see stuffs my own and buy things along with my younger sister.But the problem is that,tomorrow she is going out with her friends too and I am the only one left.

I really dunno what should I write now.Let's talk something interesting.


So,are you in a relationship?

I am single and available.Well,there are many types of people.There are:-

1.People who prefers single
2.People who prefers to focus on their job and academic first
3.People who wants to be in relationship but unable too
4.People who always in relationship
5.People who flirts a lot

Sometimes,relationship can't be push and is just matter of time.For me,I would like to have one but at the same time, I would not.I saw many of my friends from single become couple and enjoying their sweet moment so much.24hours on the phone and that makes me jealous so much.They can have someone to care and love them when they are further away from the family.That's what I feel.

At the same time,I don't feel to have one because of many reasons.I just talk about a few.I saw one of my friend(female) who got into relationship who requested the bf to msg or call her day and night.Is that necessary?Is like reporting to the sergeant.For me,if you don't trust your boyfriend,why are you together?One or few days went missing,I think it will be better.Won't you be bored chatting to each other everyday?It is just asking the same questions each day.If you are not to talk for day,at least you have more things to chat when meet or msg or whatever.

Maybe my thoughts are wrong but at least give some space to each other.If you knew each other too much,it will be lesser things to do for sure.But I agree that during the beginning stage,more communication are needed,so after that,we should make the tempo slower so that we wont get bored so quickly.

Friday, January 6, 2012, 12:02 AM
6th January 2012

I'm back with the topic flirting as promise.So,what is flirting?

According to wikipedia, Flirting (or coquetry) is a playful romantic or sexual overture by one person to another subtly indicating an interest in a deeper relationship with the other person, and can involve verbal communication as well as body language. A female flirt, especially a young one, is sometimes called a coquette; but when a man flirts with a woman it is sometimes referred to as gallantry or chivalry.

So,everybody on the teenage ages will be able to flirt naturally.So,what's the big deal regarding to this topic.Yes,is undeniable that flirting is one of the process to go in to a relationship and it is a MUST to do it to develop a better understanding between both parties.

The problem I want to highlight here is that some has flirt overly and making another people in the circle end up hurt.

Yes,I know that everyone can flirt more than one person but the problem is that if you have found the right person,why the heck you are still flirting with the other person?I really don't understand what's the problem that you having.I know, everyone will said that "we suppose to pick the best among them so that we won't make the wrong choice"

Yes,i do get what you try to say but sometimes I just can't understand it.If you have or had found the special one,please stop the nonsense to flirt,you don't know that some people will get angry even as you had pick him.You even hurt few persons at the same time.

I just dislike those who overly flirt.Really want to get a hammer and had a whack on you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 1:37 AM
4th January 2012

I am still not dead at this date.No more D-day and I can't die from this awful world.So much hatred,so much worries,so much stress and so much problems that make you blow out of your mind.

I just got the mood to blog 2nd one in just 3 days,how awesome is that huh?
Maybe I have been thinking a lot this few days.Wondering on this planet and craving for loneliness.I just got the feeling that this blog is the safest place to blog about anything I want to express and somehow I feel like restrict the access to some or maybe no people?LOL

Yes,I am 22 years old guy who like to express and say anything which I found interesting.However,some people on my fb,they will prefer to criticize me and say a lot of bad things about me.I really hope that I would not need to tell the world what I'm doing but my case is differ from your case.

At least you have a few good friends or besties around you.For guys,we rarely bring up that we are not happy because I guess that they will think that it is not MAN to tell people on what they are sad about.the only chances they will bring up the situation are to those who he/she think close to him.Example:-family,superb best friend,a girl who they think they trust,girlfriend.

Not every guy you think is very Man but they are just acting behind the wall.Yes I do agree with some people that some guys are jerk in picking up a girlfriend.So many criteria about a girlfriend but that are the same goes to the girls.

I got a friend who is not handsome but is able to flirt with all girls no matter how.His sweet talks are amazingly awesome.Which ever girl he met,I ensure you that the girl just magnetize to him.Yes,I am not as good as him or you can say that maybe I am only 10% of him.I prefer to do the old school way which is find a right girl and is suitable for me.I don't need you to be so trendy,fully make-up and more.

What I need is someone who understands me,scold me,advice me and Love me unlike anybody else.But to find a girl to accept you is hard and even if I found her,it doesn't mean that I love her either.Sometimes,you really have to believe in fate.Most of my friend ran into their another part and living me behind.I didn't mean to rush for a girlfriend because I know to find a good girlfriend is hard but sometimes,it just not like that.Whenever you see your friends cuddling with each other,you wonder that they are so happy and lovely.All you wanted is someone to care you,listen to you,be their ears,and scold them when necessary.

That's y many people want to fall in love to experience the love from someone.People like me who study away from homes,even more needed some love out there when they can't get themselves a family warmness.We try to search it beneath the area and away from there.

Not every matters the guy will share with you,I believe that goes the same with the girls.For me,I feel that is boring to let the same people to listen whatever stories you are been through and that's y you find other people.Someone who u trust even more which is your another part...

I think I round and round my blog with nonsense but I like the way it is = 0

Who don't want to find someone who care them and love them?Just fucking tell me?Please don't mention those nun and sami please....

I think will post another in this few days regarding to flirting,haha

Stay tune

Monday, January 2, 2012, 6:34 AM
2nd January 2012

Good morning people,it is 6.30am now and I am awake.It just feels like going back to secondary school time where we have to wake up at this early morning and prepare to go school.After 3 months of dumping this blog,here I am again to blog.Well,was inspired by a friend who blog lately.

Ok,here we go.2012,what is my resolution?
There are many things I want to do this year if I have the chance.Everyone knows that 2012 is a famous movie and also stated inside the Bible where it is considered as the Doom's Day.Hopefully I can do as much as possible before the world really ends.Here goes the top 10 of my list....

10.Be a star
If you are my close friend,I guess that you know that I am good at acting,and really sings a lot(even I can't vomit out the chinese words).Well,it has been a dream for me to stand on the stage to perform in front of people.However,Malaysia just no luck on this sector where they only focus on Malays and not Chinese.Even there is,I can't see chinese to be able to improve in this sector unless you further your career outside of Malaysia.That's why,I rank this the last because I guess that it is not so important now and focus on my studies.

9.Famous in Utar
Another awkward dream of mine.Actually,I don't need to be so famous in the university because in IT faculty,i guess that I am already famous enough not because of my studies but considered one of the most Handsome,xD.Just that,I just need to join more events to let everyone knows that Smith Shim is here....

8.Meet my brothers
Yea,another year passed just in a blink of an eye.Last year,we didn't really catch up due to busy-ness in university and some who studied abroad.Hope that,this coming Saturday,I can meet with you guys and a great session ahead....

7.Earn extra pocket money
Everyone wants extra pocket money because people never stop from spending everyday.For me,coming from a so so family is not a bad thing.Instead,I can learn a lot from here.Learn how to survive daily,do daily stuffs,cooking,human's path,learn to see people face,how to see which is friends and who is not,and bla bla bla.Even i complained I don't have enough money,I still find it satisfactory and try to earn my money myself without my parents help(preferable).From my point of view,there are rich people who look down on us who is poor.You know who they are,just that we don't want to sound them up.That's why you can success from here because you have been going through more then them.If we are living in de jungle,I guess they die first then our turn to die.But me,I sure survive la,coz I am a scout who likes to do outdoor activities and do a lot of things where everyone just dunno who am I and what I am capable of,shiiii!!!!!!

Stop grandma stories and back to earn money.ok,Hopefully my investment plans will be more successful on next year onwards and earn even more money.Really dislike to use my mom money.Even I am earning without my mom's knowledge,I felt proud on my own way to get income.hehe

6.Meet more friends
I like to socialize and meet more people in future.Here,I can expand my networking and make more new friends.It is not a bad thing because at least we can know what is other doing which is differ from us and we exchange knowledge with them.

5.Mantain my physical and mentally outwork
Because I am hyperly active,is natural for me to work out myself.Even I don't have 6 packs,I still enjoy my life.Who needs a 6 packs if they just know to play those gym thing but not other sports?I am 10 times stronger and better than you.Don't believe,try me on whatever sports,I think I can easily win you.Proud-nya~~
Well,can say that I am a naturally born athlete and my favorites of all will be Football and Badminton.Even my badminton is not that good as those who play like u see in television,but for a amateur,I am good.I just lack of training which you guys play each days.I just learn all this skills myself and without a coach,so dont compare me with those pros,I considered Geng jor.

For football,I think I am born to play the game.I die also wear a jersey to heaven,haha.I think if I get a good team,I will be invisible maybe you see me in the national team.My goalkeeping skills are fantastic just like you saw in EPL.I really hope some scout spot me out and bring me to England = (

4.Getting a new phone
It just mater of time I will be switching phone.S2,S3 Iphone?Dunno wei,money got but just dunno want to spend a not and if I spent,I am poor again.Wait I have more money first because no money no talk and my mom sure kills me if I changing phone now because CNY is here and I spend big?

3.Fuck the gays
You know how much I dislike gays because gays really irritate me.TA DE MOTHER,very gay you know.I know you all are laughing but that sucks.When the same sex likes you,flirting you or doing things for you,is disgusting.Want flirt,dont flirt me.I just dunno why I am so attractive to them?I don't have 6 packs,just a thin guy.All those gay come to me play shit meh?Plus guy with guy,walao i also dun wan to talk about it.Damn geli,when you see both of them holding hands.Really want to use a mabauDoi lup them and use a stick to bok them.If your mom,give a bird to you,use it wise la.wasai~~

2.Survive at the top-flight
Another year to survive.I really dislike IT leh,all those programming coding is killing me and my interests is definitely not here.Can't really give up now,because I am half way through this course is a must again to go through this.Even my result TAK CANTIK,but I think I did a better job as I am able to stand this long...Work Hard Smith <3

1.Getting a girlfriend
This is a dream of every guys and even myself of coz.I say many times,I am not gay.Even if I am gay,do i look gay?Babi.I am normal guy who like girls and will in a dreamland whenever a pretty girl pass by.Getting a girlfriend is easy but getting a good girlfriend is HARD.Most of them see money,car,money,car,house,house,credit card bla bla bla.Nowadays,girls are realistic and you must have enough to survive.No money,dump you lo~~What else can she do,give money to u?Give car to you?Come on,as a guy you will also lose face man.So,is better not to do so~~

To be able to find a girlfriend who can tolerate with my condition,I bet that out of 50 girls,you can find only 2.So,to find a good girlfriend,I guess it will be near future and now,eat jagung lo.
Even you found a girl you like,it doesn't mean she like you.Even she likes you,she might be realistic.And somehow,some of them may wore few faces,having few boyfriends in one shot.Don't be so playful la,you see,if one of the guys are like me,so loyal,you sure hurt him and tackle their confidence down.I am the example and not really confidence to make a move.Is not good to play around when someone is serious with you.If you don't like him,tell him.If he has no chance tell him.Don't fish him and make him felt deeper to you.Is no good and it will be a sin to you,I ensure you that!!!!!

OK,after listing all this,is time to say bye bye~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 1:38 AM
19th October 2011

I think every year of mine also I will update this important day which is my birthday.Woke up by a bunch of friends who celebrate my burfday on 12am today.Appreciate their efforts for celebrating for me but 2 cakes are too much for me,eat till me so full....

Actually this year,din feel much of the celebrating environment.Macam dun have the Mood de......

Maybe see a lot people ady couple and just left me alone.Being lonely for 21years ady,i so satt bai~~

What i wish for this year is that,I can earn back the loss for the RM900 of investment and my studies will improve more and more....

I love you guys = )

Thursday, October 13, 2011, 2:49 AM
13th October 2011

It has been another long long time that I did not update my this blog.Actually is one of my closest who ask me to update this dusty blog.I was not aware that it has been another half year gone and now is the middle of month October.Y2S1 had passed and I passed all my subjects slightly above average.I was aiming to score 3 and above but that just won't happen.Quite disappointed on what I achieved but I am willing to work harder next sem.It is still a long road ahead....

Actually I am so so so so headache about my financial status now.I took part on an investment plan that promise me luxurious profits.In the middle of the investment,everything works fine until my partner created a big havoc for me losing my trust from my head.So I am stuck with a losses just because of that.I dunno some FOOL is really a FOOL.If you are talking bad about somebody or maybe some harsh words thrown on to them,can your FUCKING brain tell what've I said?You are so stupid until I really do not know how to say a single sentence.....

My previous sem I was unable to get the PTPTN loan and I was barely able to support myself during my y2 sem 1.OK,I passed the subjects and thought that I can breathe a bit but my friend told me that short sem NO LOAN. I was like huh? I just remember the purpose on why I invested because is to support the Y2S2 fees.Now I am stuck with the fees and required to get RM2500 to pay my fees.Now my investment collapse and I really dunno what to do...

My buddy who is having intern now,lend Rm400 from me and he did have Rm16000 of loan.I wonder how he spend until a single cent also TAK ADA and needly to owe me money.Asking for the money and he said he can't paid me until December.I was like WTF?You owe me since the beginning of the year and YOU STILL CANT PAY?haiz,I really have no idea...

I really do not want to ask a single penny from my mom coz I know I just can't.I just hope that I have a road for me to walk.Maybe hitting a lottery but i dun think i have a chance...
Who can just help me? = (

I wonder whether did I make the right choice to study for a degree.Everything seems so not FINE to me.Hardly cope with the coursemates who gave me lots of troublesome,communication problems.What i dislike most is that they always give me LAST MINUTE work....

Just leave that alone,try hard to think about it...
Ok,this is the picture I took just now,HAHA
Thx for reading my blog....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 1:00 AM
24 May 2011

Yesterday,Manu was crowned Champ19ns for the 19th time.Glad to hear that and hope they will do the same on this Saturday.

I had a great badminton game with Khai Soong,Pei Yow and Yew Son this afternoon.It has been a long long time that we did not meet up and have good games.We were very enjoyed and lots of lots of laughter among us.The best part was Khai Soong was summoned for picking phone during driving.The police asked,tak mahu tolong?and my fren replied tak mahu,what is he thinking.Then only he realized the tolong means~~

Right now,
Kinda emo now because thinking back lots of memorable memories which have ups and downs.My sem break is going to end soon and i have less than 6days to live in KL and i would like to meet somebody before I leave but it seems to be impossible.You know,when u wanted to meet someone and you knew that there is no chance that u can meet her,that's SAD.

Thinking it,I felt like I am missing her so much.....
I think we have not been seeing each other for more than a year.I dunno whether she misses me a not,lol.

Stop day dreaming,who you think you are?
Do you think you valued something on her?